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Mach 31, 2008

While I heard about this just one day before April Fools Day, I am assured that this is a true story. Occasionaly One of my future customer takes me up on my invitation to visit me here in the shop and not only pick out the wood for their instrument, but also to give us a chance to get to know each other which allows the instrument to take on much more of our actual relationship. This is usually a VERY GOOD THING!

So Tom Tsouris, to whom I have been speaking intensely for several months about his future Pernambuco guitar, came to visit me last week. He spent a full week in the neighborhood, and we were able to get together three separate time. We hit it off well from the first telephone conversation, and meeting in person certainly met my expectations.  He confirmed the P'wood I had picked out for him, and I got a really good idea of how he plays and what guitars and necks he likes most, and just what kind of top is going to do the trick. He was first drawn to my work by my lunatic raving about the incredible sound of my first Pernambuco guitar, which is truly unique in my experience, and arguably better than any others, thaough it is a matter of opinion of course; the unique sound envelope is not however, it is the clearest most bell like guitar sound I could imagine. And when Joe Satriani chose to own the guitar, Tom was hooked and ready to lay his money down!

So I said good-bye to Tom on the morning of March 31st and he headed for the airport to fly back to Rhode Island, which has to be tough on a fine Spring day such as is was.

I got back to work and had a decent if somewhat anticlimactic day and got into the house for my dinner at the normal time. AT the end of the meal my cell rang, any earlier and I wouldn't have picked it up. Well it was Tom of course.  He was calling from the airport in Boston, and he was on fire. He had just shared his airplane ride with none other that Joe Satriani himself, and Tom got to hear about the Pernambuco Guitar from its current owner.

What are the chances?

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