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Current Projects:


  • No Woodstock this year for me. Probably next year. Since I have proven unreliable at updating this page, next year means 2017.

  • SBAIC is the kid in town, festival-wise, and I will be there. That's the last week of September/first weekend of October, 2016. sept. 30 through October 2, I believe.. The acronym is for "Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration", which suggests not just guitars. We'll see.. My prediction, always a dangerous thing to do, is that this will be the biggest and best show ever. By ever I mean not only up to that pont, but also after. As I said, we'll see.

  • I will have three interesting new Sexauer's for SBAIC, as well as one Schoenberg for Eric Schoenberg's table. Mine will be a JZ-16 Archtop in cherry and spruce. An FT-00-C nylon strung Flamenco "Mulatta" guitar in Dalbergia tucurensis and American White spruce. And, an FT-0 in European Pear and Italian spruce. Eric's will be an ES-000-C in Cuban mahogany and Italian spruce.
  • For the first time ever, I  plan to have a serious sale in the week before and the week after the SBAIC event, and to have the guitars I am offering in theis sale with me at the show. The will be my older traded in instruments as well as a couple of new one which have minor (still waranteed) damage or were made from materials which have proved difficult to find a buyer for. I will stand behind these guitars as I do the rest of work. The sale will commence September 23, 2016, and will offer serios discounts to my current prices. It will end on October 9, 2016

  • JB/2 is my standard 1/2" total discrepancy MultiSacale (JB) divided by two, a 1/4" discrepance MultiScale. Ay first blush it may sound too subtle to be worth the trouble, but results bear it out as noticeably superior to convention 1 length fret sacal systems. I am a believer, and have made about a dozen examples at this point.

  • My backlogue of work is not longer as overwhelming as in the past. If you want a guitar it will still take at least 6 months to make it as the planning stages cannot be overrated in their importance. The work itself goes quite quickly, about 7 weeks elapsed time at this stage.

  • A considerable time has been spent creating a List of all my instrument work since day one! Unfortunately, I didn't realize I was pursueing my lifes work for the first several years, and there is much I do not recall. Please have a look, and if you know something I haven't recorded, let me know. I have included the customers or current owners names in many cases, and if yours is there against your wishes, let me know and it will go.

  • I have written the book you may have heard me speak of, but have lost interest in publishing it. Just so you know. I may or may not pick that up again.

  • I have recently updated my Testimonials page. I resisted this kind of self-promotion for years, but it turns out people feel a lot less at risk treating themselves to my work knowing that they are not tthe only one. You are not alone!

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  • Thanks to all of you! Bruce Sexauer