BLUESTiCK® Under Saddle Electrostatic Transducer for the Acoustic Guitar

The BLUESTiCK® is:


The BLUESTiCK® active Guitar Bridge transducer is the result of a combined effort over the past three years of mechanical and electrical engineers, musicians and above all sound critics. The characteristics of the technology follow our basic principle here at Schertler of "reproducing" not "recreating" acoustic sound for amplification.

In brief the BLUESTiCK® is:
A patented, hermetically sealed sound chamber with logarithmically scaled high-pressure zone (ca. 115 dBm). which is positioned under the saddle.

Active electrostatic transducer. The transducer is positioned in reference to a non-phase boundary microphone.

Because of its mathematically optimized position (minimal possible reflection) and the controlled depth of the sound chamber (0,2mm), there is a minimum of linear distortion (first resonance >25 kHz).

Thanks to the extremely high "attack" precision, Feedback isolation can physically be measured with a range of 5-10 dB over piezo based systems (simply meaning you get up to 10 dB more volume than with a piezo pick-up!).

Thanks to the ultra light moving mass of 0.0014 mg, the system resonance remains out of the audible range while the dynamic and the slew rates supercede a normal piezo's physical proprieties by a factor of nearly a 500 to 1. A piezo-ceramic element weighs about 1000 times more and offers about 30dB less dynamics! You will notably hear and feel the difference.


Unparalleled frequency response, dynamics, fine dynamics and timing. This is the only system we know of to-date that brings out both the characteristics of the guitar and the musician - the better each of these are, the better the sound quality. The entire basis of the product is to BEST reproduce the original sound and only that.

I copied this page from the Schertler website at I am the local dealer, and you can get the full range of Schertler/Koley products from me. Installation of the BLUSTiCK in a typical flat top guitar is $60 when you buy the pick up in my shop. A Martin guitar with an enclosed saddle uses the 2.5 x 74.
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Prices for 5 saddle dimensions

2.5mm (3/32") x 70mm (2 6/8") $225.00 complete
2.5mm (3/32") x 74mm (2 7/8") $225.00 complete
3.0mm (1/8") x 70mm (2 6/8") $195.00 complete
3.0mm (1/8") x 74mm (2 7/8") $195.00 complete
2.5mm (3/32") x 24mm (15/16") & 46mm (1 13/16") (split saddle) $295.00 complete