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Cutting Edge Traditional!
August, 2016
Come hear me play at:
Currently, I am gigging most Saturday nights with my current swing trio, B.L.T.  at Le Chalet Basque, a french Basque restaurant established in the early '70's and located on North San Pedro Road, a mile east of 101 where the Marin Civic Center is located. We play from 6 to 8 pm, when we do. B is for Bruce (guitar/vocals), L is for Larry Mersereau (double bass), and T is for Anthony Lane. Tony plays a violin made by himself, and has a stature in the violin world roughly equivilent to mine in the guitar world.

 Love this picture, but it was a long time ago now. 1997, I think. Still, Can't delete it as I don't know where else it is stored! That's me on the left, and that's Larry Mersereau in the middle. That's not Tony on the right, it's Eric Schoenberg.