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Arch-top Guitars

Description & Prices/December 2012

I make two style of arch-top guitars, carved, and induced. The carved guitars are rooted in the Gibson/D'Angelico tradition, and the induced guitars are derived from the Selmer/Maccaferi  tradition.
Carved guitars:
These a quite time consuming, I carve them entirely by hand, and no two are of the same design so far. If lutherie can be said to be an artform, then these guitars are it's ultimate art. I have a good supply of aged exhibition quality flamed Big Leaf Maple, and quite a few billets of the finest Englemann and Sitka spruce cut specifically for arch-top guitars. In it's simplist form, I have to get $12500 for a carved guitar. There is no cap on the fancier end of the spectrum, but $18000 will buy a guitar that would intimidate just about anybody. As far as the sound and playability are concerned, there would be no predictable difference between the two guitars. There are some pictures of my past arch-tops here.

Induced Arch Guitars:
I have made 8 of these Gypsy Jazz inspired induced arch guitars. The first six are Coo'stik Dominators, the seventh is the Blu'stik Harmonizer, and the current one I have yet to get clever with the name of. The earlier C'dom's (as I call them casually) are all big guitars, 17 3/8 " wide with over 26" string length. The later guitar's template is under 16" wide, based of my tried and true FT-16. The string lenth is 25.9", and instead of using maple for the back and sides I have used Black Acacia that I cut myself 12 years ago in Sausalito, CA, when I had my shop there. This guitar features a Schertler Bluestick pick-up. The B'stick sound lends itself extremely well to the Jazz guitar aesthetic, in my opinion. The range of price for this style guitar is lower than the carved version, from $6000 to $10000, depending upon level of whimsy.
My actual cost plus ten percent for the case of your choice.
Prices FOB Petaluma, CA. Sales tax added in California.
Telephone: (707)782-1044.Why wait?

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