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2008 JB-14

The Customer who commissioned this piece e'd me this acknowledgement, which he insists is off the cuff:
A treat for all the senses! She sits calmly, naturally in the lap , featherweight and balanced, with a neck that has substance and solidity without being portly inviting the left hand to trace its subtle contours, she smells of sanded and caressed wood and volatilising varnish that both protects and gives optical depth to the sheen over the gentle, seductive curves of her body and the coquettish tilt of her head and dynamic slant of her bridge that seems poised to spontaneously break into her siren song from her gently aged and matured, streaked German face and her glowing reddish-orange Pernambuco back, a song that rings as richly as the finest dark chocolate with depth and substance joined with a mountain stream purity and bell-like clarity, balanced across the strings and gaining a transcendent sweetness as one moves onto her higher frets, she tremors with joy and excitement while holding notes that stretch on forever ... sublime.
Thanks, Clay (Sanders)

This is my second Pernambuco guitar, a fully asymmetrical (JB) 00 cutaway slothead.

The left side of the top is darker because this very old wood was aged too deeply to skim off the evidence of age.
Lots of character, and INCREDIBLE sound. I wish I had more than just five of these tops left.

JB is short for Jack Brennerman who broke my nose in the 11th grade, rendering my face forever asymmetrical, like this guitar. Thanks, Jack.

Process Pictures
The Top is my legendary "Old German, of which I have just 5 sets still unspoken for.

There is no finish on the box so use you imagination a little.

My almost ubiquitous Snakewood/Maple  trim package strikes again.

I hand carved this headstock, and it seems like art to me.


The Pernambuco is truly beautiful!

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