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Laurelyn's "Sexauer, luthier" T-Shirts
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Clyman/Sexauer Guitar Demo Concert DVD
On February 18, 2011, Larry Clyman and I presented a mini-concert at Schoenberg guitars where I invited my customer base to bring their guitars by and have Larry and I play them from the stage.  15 of my guitars and 1 Ukulele showed up! This 2 hour DVD is the entire concert and includes my ongoing petter regarding the intstrumentss, the wood they are made of, and my thinking in making them as I did. Musically, Larry and I played very nicely together and there are some 18 tunes including Jazz standards, Americana, and original tunes. All yours for Ten Bucks including postage to anywhere in the USA, $3 more for the rest of the world. Just Paypal with a brief statement re your intentional purchase, and be sure to include your name and address information.

Hoover/Sexauer/Somogyi Tone Panel DVD
Richard Hoover, Ervin Somogyi, and Bruce Sexauer presented a 2 hour panel discussion on guitar tone, how to get it, and how to manipulate it on Sunday, May 16, 2010. Laurelyn recorded the presentation on her Digital CamCorder and created a DVD documenting the very successful proceedings, as well as her father's presentation to the assembled group of his 2010 JB-0-WRX, added to this DVD as a bonus.

To receive your own copy of this DVD just PayPal $15 to Bruce's email as listed on the "Contact" page. Be sure to include your mailing address and please do not fail to mention the DVD!
Thank you, Bruce and Laurelyn

Get a T-shirt at the same time as the DVD and save 2 bucks: $30 for both!

Sexauer, luthier Healdsburg Guitar Festival Shirts 2009 (or 2011)
Sexauer, luthier Shirts 2011
We change the year as time passes to keep them current, but don't necessarily take new pictures.
HGF09 T-shirt front

HGF09 T-shirt Back


2009 T-shirt front graffic
The graphic can be on the back with
a small logo in the pocket position
if you wish.

M - L - XL
M - L - XL  - NO XXL!
$17.00 (shipping within the USA included) each
$17.00 (shipping within the USA included) each
Email Laurelyn at laurelyn.maude@gmail.com for more information.
ORDER YOURS TODAY! Cash or Check are fine. Please make checks out to Laurelyn Sexauer. Thanks.
(724 H Street Petaluma Ca 94952 USA)