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My Big Gig
June, 2014
I have been recording sound clips with my guitars for years now, and links to them are scattered here and there in my site. I thought it might be nice to assemble them in one place, and have put them here in no particular order. Where I have been able to recall what guitar(s) I used, I have put a link to it's page, if it has one. Most do! These are mostly mp3's
Quality is very uneven, some seem quite decent to me, others . . . well hey they're free!

Reel of Sceachog
Two from  the "MagCat",
My 2013 OM WRX
Magnolia w/Catalpa top.
#2330713, 2 tracks per
Home with the Girls in
the Morning

"The Limba" FT-0-JB/2
Black Limba/Engelmann
Hughie Shorty's Reel

"The Pear" #2380414
European Pear/German spruce
Mr. Sandman

FT-000-D (2015 Mini-D)
#2500715 BRW/Adirondack
two tracks, same guitar
Hear Them Bells
FT-15 Artifact
Fiddle #3, Flatback Bass
 Me, Myself, and I (2012)
 "0" Companion

FT-15 - Kerala
Teja Gerkin reviews my FT-0-JB/2
for Acoustic Guitar Magazine. YouTube

Sing for You
I wrote this vocal tune in 1970
Here it is instrumentally.
2 tracks: JB-15-ME (2006)
Reel de Montreal
Learned it to play with
Michael Dunn in Montreal
Angus Campbell
FT-15.5 WRX
Gonna Climb Them Golden Stairs
Oh Baby
20's instrumental
Coostik Harmonizer
The Message  My own
originally vocal tune
(instrumental) JB-15-ME
Red Haired Boy
Traditional Old Time
Johnson Girl
All Catalpa OM
Willie Coleman
My JB-15-ME (2006)
9 miles out of Louisville

All Maple 0
Before the Battle of Auhgrim
Malay B'wood/Redwood
FT-15.5 Kerala
Grasshopper sittin on a Sweet Potato Vine Redwood/Walnut
 FT-15.5 WRX (2012)
On a Century Strings
Carved Archtop
I no longer own.
Dill Pickle Rag
two tracks on
FT-15.5 WRX (2012)
Goodbye Liza Jane
Old time/B'Grass

Old Woolworths
I do ramble a bit on this
All Koa JB-15 (2011)
Cooley's Reel
Irishish another rambler

Mean Deep River Blues
Not the one you think . .
Georgiana Moon A waltz
JB-00 (2011)
Elzic's Farewell
East Neuk of Fife
Vladamir's Steamboat
Vladamir's Steamboat
Oh Baby
2 tracks on All-Koa 00

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