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In Stock Back and Side wood you could upgrade your new Sexauer Guitar to.

This is raw wood, you will have to imagine how it will look polished and sanded!
I leave the sold sets up till the guitar is built so the new owners can continue to drool over them!

"Church Bell" Cocobolo - $850
Chuch Bell Cocobolo
The highest quality Cocobolo I've seen, darkish and multi colored. I have 2 sets left .Set 1

I have great Koa, and may even find time to take pictures. Most is priced at $$700, but one set is $1500. That will be the subject of future pictures.

I also have 4 unspoken for flitch matched all-Koa sets. They are chosen for tone and have medium flame. $1200 to $1500.
Set 3

All Koa set #7 - $1200

One set ONLY ot OM sized "Tortoise" The "Tree" Hondurn Mahogany. $3500

Three pictures linked here:
One      Two      Three (enhanced)

Tulipwood is a tiny Dalbergia and very rarely big enough for a guitar. I have 1 set: $2500

Ziricote #1 $800-

set 7
All-Koa set #3 -$1200

CHECHEN - $650
 I made 2 very successful FT-15 (and FT-15-Kerala) from Chechen, and I currently have just one more set.
This is one of the harder wood to be found that is not an Ebony. This wood is also called Black Poison Wood because nothing grows near it due to it's sap.

set 4

European Pearwood  $650

Ceylon Satinwood - $450

The best tap tone of any Ebony, and great guitar wood. One set only!
Malaysian Blackwood #5 $900

BRW AA $4000
Set 10
BRW AA $4000
Set 11

BRW AA $4000
Set 12

Flatsawn BRW! AA $3500
Set 13

Flitch Matched BRW AA $5000
Set 14

BRW AA $5000
Set 15
BRW AAA figured $5000
set 9
Nearly black Cocobolo. Incredible stuff.
Set 17
All Gone :(

Flatsawn but nicely flamed  H. Mahogany (Better than it looks here)
Set 18 - $500

Quartersawn deeply  flamed H. Mahogany
Set 19 - $750

Indian Laurel, One Set Only. $300
Indiian Laurel

A Second picture here.

Jatoba is an alternative wood at no upcharge.
As I write I've made 4 from this material, and it is as good as anything, better than most.

BRW - AA (instead of AAA) for a couple of worm holes. Really Pretty!
Set 22 - $4000

Perfectly un-quartered BRW! 
set 26 - $4000

Brazilian Rosewood acquired - 2006 MMMISBRW #27
This is the inside, both cracks are outside a 000 template set 27 -   $6000
Set 27 BRW #28
only 90 % quartered so 20% less! Great set for $4500

Amazon Rosewood (1) $1200

Absolutely Quartered and wide enough to lose the sapwood on an OM or smaller
Amazon Rosewood (2) $800

Not actually Quartered, but very wide and a lot of character. 2nd Pic.
MadRose (1) $2000

They're not making this anymore! 2nd Pic
MadRose (2) $950

2nd Pic w/sides

BRW-$2500 - very pretty stuff

Here is a second piuture

Pernambuco: Referred to as the "Music Tree" is Brazil as it is the most resonant tree in the forest, and can be identified by whacking the trees with a cudgel as one strolls through the forest; it is the tree that sing back to you! Extremely rare, especially in pieces big enough to build guitars.

Pricing ranges from $2000 to $4000.

Pernambuco Type 1 (flat/rift):

Pernambuco Type 2 (quartered):

Some of my Pernambuco guitars:
2280213 JB-16

2180212 JB-15

211111 JB-15-D

1841109 FT-0