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My Standard Business Practice

How to do business with me!

October 25, 2021

After 50 years of making guitars for people I have tried a number of business methods, and the following continues to be what works the best for me.
  1. To secure a place in my queue, and to be confident that I will remember everything you tell me, I will accept a $2000 retainer from you, which will be applied against the cost of the instrument we will then collaborate on the design of. The retainer locks in the current price structure and a specific delivery window. The retainer is non-refundable as it is a statement of your commitment.
  2. In the event that you choose a special set of wood, or another irreplaceable piece of my special offerings, you will remit 50% of its price in advance to secure it for your instrument. This is refundable should you choose another route in the creative process, but the refund will not be guaranteed to happen until someone else has agreed to purchase the material in question.

  3. Upon reaching your start date, and assuming the design/price has become agreed upon, the retainer will be brought up to a 50% deposit. For example if the guitar we had agreed upon was quoted to be worth $25000, you would then send me $10500 more, bringing your $2000 retainer up to a $12500 deosit.
  4. Your guitar would then be complete and ready to be picked up or shipped in about seven more weeks. Upon receiving your guitar you would then have 48 hours to decide that it was perfect in every way imaginable, and you would send the balance. There are other ways this might go at the end, but so far it has usually gone this way. International order will be paid in full before shipping.
Prices are FOB Petaluma, CA. Sales Tax will be added in California. I have been relying upon personal contact, telephone conversation, email, both to establish the details and price of your instrument, and to clarify any issues around my concept and competence as a Luthier. Please don't hesitate to call me, Bruce Sexauer, at:

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