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About The Coo’stik Dominator

A description of the concept, and an introduction the my newest project, the "Blu'stik Harmonizer"

The Coo'stic Dominator is an Arch-top Guitar. There are three ways to make an Arch-top:

Clarity of Tone is what it’s all about.

The big Martin dreadnought style flat-top guitars can have a full, warm, loud sound that does a good job of supporting a singers voice, but the serious guitar picker will rarely be satisfied with it’s solo voice. And the smaller guitars (00 and OM) can achieve a decent balance for the player who is more interested in the guitar playing than the singing, but mid-range volume (open “G” to highest “A”) is enhanced, without an overpowering bass.

Listen to what happens when you play partial chords (two or three notes at once), each of the notes can be clearly heard as an individual. On a flat-top these notes would blend together into a warm muddy sound that buries much of the subtlety that the serious player has been practicing to create. This clarity is why so many players are spending the big bucks for arch-top guitars. Coo’stik Dominator’s got it at just over half the price!

While I originally conceived this as a Jazz guitar for people who wanted great performance for about half the price of the carved guitars I make, it turns out that this instrument is sensitive enough to finger-pick with, and loud enough to sing with. I have kept the first one myself, and I use it in all kinds of situations. It works well for Delta Blues, Country pickin’, New Age open tonality, Jazz comping, and just sitting around the kitchen table.

Blu'stik Harmonizer

February, 2001: I have a new, but related instrument in the spray booth at the moment. The name "Coo'stik Dominator" is too clever by half, of course, and domination is a dubious way to approach playing musice, I'll grant. So on with the show. The new effort has the working title "Blu'stik Harmonizer". It is a smaller, prettier shape, less compromised for volume alone (the C'Dom really is unbelieveably loud) and incorporates the new Schertler "BLUESTiCK" bridge pickup, which totally impressed me at the recent NAMM trade show in LA. And, now that it's OK to build blue guitars again (the passing of Scott Chinery), it's blue! The Schertler PU is NOT a piezo, and it is a beautiful sounding piece of equipment, as well as affordable and easy to install (for a skilled craftsman). I am really excited about this guitar.

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