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Cutting Edge Traditional!
I call myself a luthier rather than a guitar maker because I make a wide range of instruments. I have made guitars, harps, guitarones, dulcimers, mandolins, tiples, psalteries, violins, and things not yet named!
The Violin has captured my attention of late. I have made several, and am about to make another. I do not yet feel that I understand the form, which is not the case with the guitar.

While I have not made a String Bass, I have established myself as a purveyor of them, and keep a dozen or so on hand at all times. I also do some repair, and have become competent at set up work, whether for Jazz, or Orchestra, or Bluegrass. 

    <> 1, My violin pages are at this site.                2.My basses are at their own website.

Telephone: (707)782-1044.
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