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Bruce Sexauer, luthier --- 724 H Street --- Petaluma, CA  94952 --- 707-782-1044
I currently have 32 violins on hand. Not a huge number, but every one was chosen  by myself  for its particular qualities, and to fill a spot in a complete spectrum of instruemnts for the people I have come to know as my customers. Every single one is something to be proud of at its relative price point. They range from just under $500 to most of $14,000; surely there is something here for you!
August, 2016 - Bruce Sexauer
Wojciech Topa: - Today is April 19, 2016, and I have two Topa violins expected in the next week or so. One is a Guarneri model, and the other a Guadagnini. I have played several of each type and they are profoundly different in comparison, yet each type ihas proven consistent from one to the next over the 8 years or so I've been dealing in them.

The Guarneri is a big open sound, not unlike a Zinfindel perhaps, while the Guadagnini is less impressive perhaps at first blush, but has peerless focus and clarity, in this analogy it could be compared to a Pinot Noir, or a certain spectum of Cabernet. I will create some pictures when they arrive.
2016 - $14,000 (retail)

I currently own the 2016  W. Topa Guadagnini model which is pictured in the link below:
2016  Topa Guadagnini
Topa Workshop - at less than half the cost of the Topa Master instrument, the  Workshop violin they have put in my hands works very well indeed. The tonal character is similar; dark and bright at the same time, with excellent volume and unimpeachable balance.
 $6,000 (retail)
C.L.Wynn v925: This is the top of the line violin from Century Strings. I bought a couple of these 900 series instruments at NAMM 2013, and liked them at the show, but getting them home I have found they are better that I could possbly have known in that cacophany. This one has an Oil Varnish finish with mild distressing, and the other is a Spirit Varnish with more color and more distress. This one has the sweeter sound, while the other is more agressive. Both sound amazingly good, even after hours of playing  nothing emerges to bother me.
$1900 for this one,
$1800 for the other (not pictured)
Golgowski Master Violin -  Another Polish master's work. I have owned and sold one of this maker's violins previously, and remembered is as entirely open and very seductive, so I have acquired another. This clear voiced violin has the kind of voice easily heard above whatever else is happening, yet is not at all shrill. There is a unique voice in this example which I find very pleasing, and not at all obnoxious.
$5000 (retail)

Tien Li: I have 2 of these as I write. One is good at $1400, the other Very Good at $2400. Both are Guarnari pattern and distressed. They are very sweet but are distinguished by their response, which is as good as it gets in my experience.By response I mean the ease with which the bow generates  sound. Both of these instrument are unlikely to squawk when asked to sound. This is an often under-rated quality.

$1400 and $2400 

Guang Hong, 2007
This is a Chinese made "Master" violin with absolutely terrific volume and presence. I acquired it at NAMM in Anaheim CA because I could actually hear it above the cacophony.
Cases: I have more cases than violins! This is because if a violin comes in a lousy case I generally buy a better one for it. I include a case with any violin I sell, but if you want a better one there is good news. At the time of sale, I'll give you any availble case (in stock or ordered special) for my actual cost plus ten percent.
Pernambuco Bows: I usually keep a few Pernambuco bows on hand and offer them at cost plus 10% at the time that a violin is sold, or for around 75% of suggested retail as a stand alone sale. I do the same with run of the mill carbon bows. These are typically $200 to $350.

Bows by Michael Hemken, what I play: -  $3000
1926 - Eugen Meinel (Roth)  - $4000
Sexauer - '04 - Big Leaf/Italian Spruce - $5500
1915+/- - Markneukirschen serious effort -  $2400
Sexauer - '03 - European Maple//Italian spruce - $4500
2015 - Krutz #750 - very nice instrument! - $3400
Sexauer - '14 -  Local maple/Italian spruce - SOLD
1954 - John Juzek "MasterArt" 4/4 - unplayed! 98% perfect - $3995
Sexauer - '15 - Chinese Maple/Italian spruce - $6000
2014 - Colin Wultur #7, Guarneri, - $1900
Sexauer - '06 - Local maple/Italian spruce - $2500
2008 JI Strings - level 3, wildly under-rated IMO - $1400


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