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Cutting Edge Traditional!

November 2021
(last updated)

This site is Huge, find it all in the link above.

On the Bench
FT-L00            Adi/Pernambuco
Recently Completed:
JB-15                Adi/Myrtle
FT-15               Adi/Myrtle
FT-15.5             Adi/Myrtle
FT-00-CN         All-Myrtle
FT-15-C-JB/2  Guhl German/BRW
FT-15-C-JB/2  Guhl German/MadRose
FT-16-D         AmerRed/"Mahogany"
FT-16-D          HamptonRed/BRW
JB-16              German spruce/Oz B'wood
FT-00-CN       AnerRed/Myrtlee
FT-0C-WRX   AmeRed/H.Mahogany
Violin8              Engelmann/MV maple
JB-15               EuroSpruce/Pear 
FT-000-C        AmeRed/H.mahogany
FT-000-C        AmeRed/Myrtle
FT-00-nylon     Adi/Madrone
JB-15               SwissMoon/MadRose
FT-00-Cn         Polish/BRW
FT-00-Cn         Carpathian/Snakewood
ES-000C          Adi/Bosnian  Maple
FT-L00-C        German/Pernambuco 
FT-0C-JB/2     GuhlEuro/Cuban Mah.
FT-16C -JB/2  AmeicanrRed/D. tuc.
FT-15-es         Polish Spruce/BRW
FT-000-es       AmerRed/Koa
FT-15              GuhlEuro/BRW
FT-15-es         AmerRed/BRW
FT-15              Swiss/"the Tree" 
FT-000-JB/2   German/"the Tree"
FT-16-D         AmerRed/Pernambuco
FT-0-C           AmerRed/H. mahogany
FT-00-N         Italian/D. tucurensis
JB-L00           BRW/Italian
JB-15              Black Limba/AmerRed
FT-00-Kerala   "The Tree"/Adi
FT-L00-C        BRW/EuroSpruce
JB-L00             Amazon/German
FT-15               Pernambuco/Adi 
FT-16-C           Oz B'wood/Adi SJ

Covid Times!
No shows.
For several years I been posting nearly daily to my "Blog/Thread" in The Acoustic Guitar Forum.
It is free to puruse, and you can truly know what I am currently up to. If you choose to join, you can even ask me questions with a high likelyhood of a timely response.

My current active thread is:
Sexauer/2021/ (chapter 2)

I am no longer the President of the Northern California Association of Luthiers (NCAL).

I have given the FT-00-WRX Engelmann/Claro guitar to Billie Jo Walsh. If you want to know more, check out this very nice video.
PegHead Nation video.

Peghead Nation
deserves your attention
They have mine, as you can see in this
new video.

Video Interview at HGF, 2013


I have assembled many of my
"Sound Clips" (MP3's mostly)
onto one page called
My Big Gig
Check it out!

My shop inventory

My Thinking.
No, really!

A picture of my first commissioned guitar, still owned/played by Joe Mock!
How Larry Clyman came to own an '09 Sexauer WRX Pernambuco.
One of the 16 Sexauer instruments played in our performance Feb 18 at Schoenberg Guitars.

I am making a decreasing number of Ukuleles.

I am proud to announce that Walter Strauss (wonderful musician)  has  purchased my Pernambuco JB-16 from me.
Here he is playing it.

Tim Weed connects with my WRX!
Acoustic Guitar Magazine
video reviews my FT-0-JB-2.

Tim Weed connects with my WRX!
Acoustic Guitar Magazine
video reviews my FT-0-JB-2.

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